Season of Giving

Starting our holiday early

Traditions, whether it’s ones that have been passed down through generations or new ones we’ve started this year, it’s all about sharing a sense of comfort with our family and friends.  And we could use some holiday cheer right now!

This year, our family started celebrating the holidays early and we have every intention to continue celebrating until New Year’s Day.  Probably longer.

So, I’m giving myself permission to watch It’s a Wonderful Life as many times as possible, click on the local 24x7 holiday music channel whenever I’m driving, and share great food with my extended family and friends.

I know what you’re thinking.  Home Depot has been doing this for years. 

I used to think that celebrating the holidays before Thanksgiving was silly at best.

But this year is different. 

I believe we’ve collectively realized that the Season of Giving is about sharing our time with friends and family, because they need us more than ever.

Should we take precautions this year?  Yes. 

But there are many ways to share our time.  Technology means that all I have to do is make time for either a video chat or phone call, even if it’s just to say “Hi, how are you?  I’m thinking about you.”

Want to go further?  It may seem counter-intuitive, but mailing a personal holiday card can be a much-needed surprise that makes a person’s day.  

Check out these amazing cards!

One of the ultimate gifts of love is the seemingly lost art of mailing care-packages--just a few items that you know a person will love along with a hand-written note.

As you can imagine, my care-packages revolve around great food.  Especially this year, when we’ve been reminded about the challenges of mailing anything that’s fragile.  That’s why I’m sending my delicious Granola and a hand-written recipe for No-bake Strawberry Cheesecake Bars. 

Granola and paper are as close to indestructible as possible.  And by including a hand-written version of my recipe with the Granola, I’ve shown the person who’s receiving my care-package that I’m thinking about them.

Start your Season of Giving tradition by sending care packages to 5 family and friends.  You know they’ll love it!

You’re invited to inspire us with your holiday traditions by sharing them on Instagram or Facebook I’ll respond between viewings of It’s a Wonderful Life.  

With love,

Good Life Naturals




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